APRIL 11 2012.

For the benefit of the unaware, about 7 or 8 years ago I picked up a virus that knocked out a not insignificant (but not massive, either) amount of my hearing. It’s fair to say the hearing in my left ear ain’t what it used to be. I’ve had today penciled in to make the roughly one and a quarter hour journey into the Hearing and Balance Centre (which is located in St. Vincent’s Hospital) to get my hearing aid reprogrammed due to a slight deterioration in my auditory function over the past 5 years. The other reason for the appointment with Vanessa (my audiologist at HBC) was to chat with her regarding advancements in hearing aid technology since I bought my digital hearing device way back in 2005.

My appointment was scheduled for 10 a.m. I’ve only dealt with Vanessa once before, but found her an absolute delight to deal with on that occasion and practically DEMANDED to see her when I made this appointment about four weeks ago. She’s one of those people who are blessed with a razor-sharp wit, but can also be relied upon to give sound (no pun intended) advice.

Vanessa informed me, in her lilting Irish-Australian accent, that the hearing aid I’d been using for seven years was now, effectively, a fossil- but a GOOD fossil nonetheless. I’ve been wanting to try one of those hearing devices that don’t have the body sticking behind the ear-lobe, but sits entirely inside the ear canal, so I’ll be trialing one of these hearing aids in a few weeks time. This particular type of technology isn’t PERFECT for someone with my type of hearing loss due to occlusion but, apparently, some people still get a good result. Here’s hoping I’m one of them!

Lunch was at McDonalds Kings Cross, chosen by myself due to it’s proximity to the train station. One thing I normally enjoy doing is merrily feeding my face in some greasy diner while watching the parade of humanity pass before me. Macca’s at ‘The Cross’ is one of those places where you’ll see plenty of sad, depraved examples of that humanity. I finished my wrap, fries, sundae and coke and headed for Kings Cross station leaving the drug addicts, the destitute and those barely hanging on to the outer edges of society behind. Needless to say, lunch wasn’t QUITE as enjoyable as it normally is.

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